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Our experienced hydroblasters have safety council and site specific training as well as pre-scanned through DISA. 


D&S Professional Service hydroblast technicians transport, performs setup, inspects, operates, maintains and repairs high pressure water blasting equipment to perform proper removal, containment, transporting, and disposal of both hazardous and non-hazardous materials for the purpose of cleaning. 


We have technicians that can conduct high-pressure and low-pressure HydroBlasting depending on your job's needs. 


Our hydroblasters go through a rigorous training that teaches technicians:

  1. Evaluation of site and communication with others during site preparation.  

  2. Proper site preparation to insure safety of oneself and others. 

  3. Identification and use of all safety equipment needed.  

  4. Proper setup of equipment 

  5. Proper start up and safety checks prior to and after start up.


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