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D&S Professional Services is committed to providing quality personnel for your plant turn around needs. We take away the worry and stress of finding quality employees when you need extra hands during shut downs and other project timelines. Our employees help to finish your project safely and efficiently saving you time and money.   

Quality Staffing Coordinated by a Quality Manpower Agency

At D&S Professional Services, our #1 priority is finding the right industrial personnel for the job.

D&S is a privately owned temporary placement service with over 10 years of experience.  We offer full time, part time, long and short term positions which can be customized to fit any variety of requirements. 

We can assist your firm with flexible options, which can be important in maintaining productivity as well as a cost-effective solution.

Our staff is eager to serve the customers by providing a quality grade of worker - whether it be Hydroblasters, CDL drivers, or safety supervisiors - we provide workers who are competent and dependable; one who comes to work, does the job, and comes back tomorrow! Providing you with quality personnel for a day, a week, a month, a year, or indefinitely; is our mission.


We are a unique company in that we are more concerned with quality than quantity. We make sure that we provide the most qualified workers for the job that you need.

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