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The claims made on this website are in no way a warranty or guarantee of products or services.  Product and service results vary based on job specifications and client needs.  No statement made on this page or any other page of this website is meant to provide any form of guarantee of results.  D&S Professionals expressly disclaim any perceived warranty or guarantee.

All courses such as Basic+, 40-Hour HAZWOPR Certification, Confined Space, etc. are all performed and tested at a certified safety council facility such as Houston Area Safety Council, National Safety Council, etc. These are not conducted or accredited by D&S Professional Services.

D&S hands-on workshops are for familiarization & education purposes only. They are not certified training classes. Upon completion of the course, D&S Professional Services disclaims responsibility & liability for any safety incidents, workplace safety incidents, workplace incidental or consequential damages, workplace performance or the quality of the employee work qualications. We assume no responsibility for any loss or damage suered by a person as a result of the misuse of any information or content from our workshop. The completion of our workshop does not automatically pre-qualify an employee for employment.

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