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Finding the right candidate for shut-downs, turnarounds and direct hires can be stressful and time consuming. We help businesses save time and money by providing you training and qualified personnel. We interview and pre-screen each employee to make sure that they are the right fit for the job. We make sure you have the right people to complete your job within the projected timeline.

"I like working for D&S Professional Services, because they are reliable and dependable, & one of the top names in the industry."
- Earl Washington, Lead Hydroblast Technician. Washington has been with D&S Professional Services for over 4 years.

Working with a new staffing agency can be stressful & confussing. With D&S Professional Services, we try to make the process as seamless as possible to get you the personnel you need.


  1. Meeting & Proposal
    First, we will set up a meeting with you and your company to discuss you overall needs and go over in detail the services that D&S Professional Services provides. Once we have done this, we will provide you a custom proposal with our rates & contract and a credit application for you to complete and return to us.

  2. Employee Request
    Once our contract process is complete (which usually takes about 2 weeks from signing), you are then ready to request employees for your upcoming job. Each new job or position we require a Work Order to be filled out & completed. This helps us to know and understand the details of what you require so we can send you the best match possible. You can fill this out online or via PDF. After the Work Order request is complete, we will follow up with a call within 24 hours and go over your job requirements in detail.

  3. Recruiting Process
    After all the employee request has been discussed and signed off, D&S Professional Services then gets to work fining your perfect match! We pre-screen, interview and test the candidates before sending them to you.

    For Direct Hires:
    We will send you the resumes of candidates that we feel best fit your job for you to review. Once you have decided which candidates you like, we will set up the interview for you with the candidates, follow-up with them, and send any offer letters when you get to that point. We will provide all information necessary for on-boarding of the employee. D&S also has the ability to provide drug-screening & background checks for direct hire employees. Until all direct hire requirements are fulfilled, the candidates will be prospective employees of D&S Professional Services, and any correspondence to the candidates will be communicated through our company.

  4. After Placement
    After D&S has placed an employee with your company, we will provide the employee with all information to begin the job. We will contact the employee on their first day of work to ensure they have arrived. We will also check-in with the employee and employer every 30-days for the first 90-days to ensure the employee is performing according to the employers standards.


What if the employee does not adequately perform?

D&S Professional Services has a thorough pre-screen & interview process. as you know, even after all of this, sometimes the employee placed is just not the right fit for either the employee, employer or both. If you are not completely satisfied during the employee’s assignment, notify us immediately for us to replace the employee.








To have increased assurance in the safety and integrity of the contract workforce that provide services to many sites, thorough background checks are run on each and every employee. This helps companies have decreased number of safety and security related incidents.


Substance abuse testing is one of the most important tools to ensure the health, safety and well-being of your workplace. Drug-free workplace services will reduce your costs by increasing safety and reducing risk, while improving the overall productivity of your workforces.


Do you have a hard time getting time sheets for your temporary and full-time employees? D&S Professional Services uses a unique system that allows employees to clock-in through their phone, and can send automatic updates for employees who have not checked-in or out. Ask how we can help implement & run for you!

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