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We help businesses save time and money by providing you training and qualified personnel for shutdowns and turnarounds. We interview and pre-screen each employee to make sure that they are the right fit for the job. We make sure you have the right people to complete your job within the projected timeline.


​Our highly-trained, experienced and fully trained personnel are prepared to handle every aspect of the preparation, execution and completion of your turn around safely and efficiently. Whether you need 10 additional hands or 150, we are able to supply the man power for your job.  Click here to see the different personnel we can provide.                                         


All of potential employees have safety training courses underway through accredited saftey council facilities. General safety training courses are conducted through lectures, videos, hands-on demonstrations, and multimedia computer programs. These comprehensive safety courses focus on the OSHA  general industry regulations and safety orders to give the best training experience possible.


To have increased assurance in the safety and integrity of the contract workforce that provide services to many sites, thorough background checks are run on each and every employee. This helps companies have decreased number of safety and security related incidents.


Substance abuse testing is one of the most important tools to ensure the health, safety and well-being of your workplace. Drug-free workplace services will reduce your costs by increasing safety and reducing risk, while improving the overall productivity of your workforces.

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