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How to Get a TWIC Card

What is a TWIC Card?

A TWIC Card is a Transportation Worker Identification Card that many plants and marine vessels require for workers who require unescorted access to secure areas.

We do receive job requests that do not require TWIC cards, but the majority of our jobs do require one.

How long does it take to get a TWIC Card?

Depending on processing times, it can take up to 6-8 weeks to receive your TIC card after applying. The sooner you apply and get the process started, the better for you to start applying for different positions!

What are the requirements to obtain a TWIC Card?

An individual must be a U.S. citizen or fall into an eligible immigration category (click here for immigration categories) and can not have been convicted of certain crimes. In addition, individuals cannot be connected to terrorist activity or lack mental capacity.

Where do I apply for my TWIC card?

Click here to find the location closest to you:

For more information you can also see the full website here.

About D&S Professional Services

D&S Professional is the leading Industrial Manpower Solutions. We find you quality personnel in shutdowns and turnarounds. We understand how hard it is to keep staffed during these times as well as meeting strict deadlines. Our highly-trained, experienced personnel are prepared to handle every aspect of the preparation, execution and completion of your turn around safely and efficiently.

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